Environmental Field Biology is an introduction to the natural history of Northern Illinois. The course looks at the basic ecology and geological history of this region, including the impact of non-native species and human activities on environmental health. Students learn techniques for observing, collecting, identifying and evaluating local plants and animals. They get hands-on experience by going on field trips to collect ecological data and observe living organisms in a variety of natural environments. (This outdoor field work often requires extensive hiking.) As part of the course, students are required to volunteer with an organization or initiative focused on local environmental concerns. This field-based study fulfills the general education requirement for a life sciences lab course, but it may not meet the needs of allied health or biology majors. (1.1-Articulated) [IAI Core Course Equivalent: L1 905L ]

Course Name: BIO-130
Departments: Biology
Course Types: Standard
Course Locations: Main Campus; Main Campus-Do Not Both
Course Offerings: